Letter to the Editor: Coverage Too Negative

I have just finished reading, with an open mind, Mary Campbell’s article about the COVID update for this past weekend.

As a former Cape Bretoner (I now live in the Annapolis Valley), I was dismayed at the very negative tone of the article. It is rife with sarcasm over any effort the Nova Scotia Government takes or plans to take. I am all for constructive criticism, but I always get disheartened when I see Cape Bretoners consistently blaming the government for everything and anything, when the reality is, in most cases, it is not the government’s fault.

Dr Strang and Premier MacNeill [sic] are doing an outstanding job dealing with this crisis, but my former brethren in Cape Breton are too poisoned by their bias against anything that doesn’t provide some sort of special treatment for them. There is a difference between responsible reporting, and the age-old sport of bashing the government in Halifax that has been practiced for generations by Cape Bretoners who don’t want to take responsibility for their own lives.

Perhaps some self-reflection is in order across the causeway.

Michael Hamm
Greenwood, NS


Mary Campbell responds:

I shudder to think what letters from closed-minded people must look like.