Where’s Cecil?

Welcome to this week’s installment of “Where’s Cecil?” my ongoing effort to keep track of Mayor Cecil Clarke’s campaign appearances to judge just how much time he’s taking from his day job to travel the province in pursuit of the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia.

I’m focusing on events scheduled for weekdays during business hours or out-of-town events that would require travel on weekdays during business hours.

It’s a slow week in campaign land, apparently — I found only one planned meet and greet. Fresh off the holiday weekend, Clarke took Tuesday afternoon off to give the good people of Baddeck an opportunity to “hear his vision” for Nova Scotia. (Alternate campaign slogan: “Vision So Loud, You Can Hear It!”)

According to one Facebook commentator, however, the trip may have been in vain:

That’s a total waste of time they all vote liberal down there



Bonus photo

To make up for the slim pickings in terms of new happenings this week, I’ll throw in this picture from Clarke’s Halifax event last Thursday, a meet and greet which seems to have been held in the departure lounge at Halifax International Airport:


“Momentum is building,” says Clarke to his Facebook followers, “and I can’t wait to get back to Halifax for our next event.”