Letter to the Editor: President Dingwall’s Management-Speak

David Dingwall (Source: CBU https://www.cbu.ca/news-events/story/cbu-board-of-governors-names-next-president/)

David Dingwall (Source: CBU)

Cape Breton University may need a new president but does it have to be David “Entitled to my Entitlements” Ding-wall? I thought he was good for a Senate pew. Instead of president, hire Ding-wall as a fundraiser and re-open the search for a leader. In spite of his history of embarrassing pronouncements, the man may yet have political connections to help fund the university. Ironically, the Liberal government he served in eagerly slashed social transfers for education in the name of deficit hysteria.

As I read Nancy King’s CB Post article, I wondered if the lifeless jargon and management-speak offered by David Ding-wall and Robert Sampson was as painful to write as it was to read. Hearing it would be worse still. Why can’t these people say things with grace and economy rather than sounding like an inter-office memo? Unfortunately, the poverty of public language is worse than mere duplicity. Taking the time to carefully utter bland clichés and vague generalizations is profoundly arrogant and indifferent to the public interest. Perhaps they have discovered a secret power language only bureaucrats can hear.


Morgan Duchesney
Ottawa (formerly Baddeck)





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