Letter to the Editor: Doctors and Taxes

This morning I was told by two doctors at the Pain Clinic at the Northside General Hospital in North Sydney that if the Liberal government under Justin Trudeau follows through with his new tax on incomes over 150-200 grand, the new younger doctor will move to a province that requires less taxes or move out of the country while the older doctor, who has been there since day one, will take his retirement.

Northside General Hospital (Source: Nova Scotia Health Authority https://www.nshealth.ca/locations-details/Northside%20General%20Hospital)

Northside General Hospital (Source: Nova Scotia Health Authority)

We cannot afford to lose either one of these great doctors who more than earn their incomes in the services they provide to many patients.

JT’s new tax will force doctors away from here, not retain them or do anything positive to recruit new docs.

This new tax will also affect many skilled workers from Cape Breton who work in the oil fields of Alberta. Or the lobster fishermen who had a great year this year. Or any small business owners in CB who make more than 150-200 grand a year…the list of those affected is long.

Contact your elected Liberal MPs for Cape Breton and ask them why they are allowing this new tax to be imposed without saying a word — other than the lies they are told to say by their leader and communication advisers.

To quote one of the doctors today, “This new tax takes us all back to the 20th century.”

A big step backwards.

Richard Collis
Big Bras d’Or