Local Photographers Explore Japan in New Exhibition

The Spectator is very pleased to report that two local photographers (who’ve both been featured right here in these very pages) are exhibiting their work at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design.

Chad Tobin

Chad Tobin

Japan: Two Perspectives, which opened officially on Monday, features the work of Chad Tobin and Charlie Morrison.

We introduced you to Tobin last September, in an article about his street photography. Tobin told us how, after seeing Lost in Translation, he’d become fascinated with Tokyo and determined to go there — a dream that became reality in 2015.

He made the trip in the company of Morrison, whose work — including portraits of local veterans and photos from the recent Ride for Xander — we’ve also been privileged to publish.

Charlie Morrison

Says Morrison:

I found Japan to be a country of honor, pride and a quiet humility. Regardless of the day, each was an adventure. There was excitement, frustration and fatigue; but it was balanced by beauty, kindness and learning to flow,” says Charlie Morrison, photographer. “Tokyo was welcoming and the people were amazing. I will never forget the island and hope to experience it once again.


Japan: Two Perspectives will be displayed in the Centre’s Loft until 8 September 2017.


Japan: Two Perspectives, poster, Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design



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