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How to Choose a Cruise

I was poking around the internets, looking for information about the cruise ships we’re expecting in 2017, and I stumbled on Cruise.Com, an online travel agency specializing in cruises.

I found you could look up information about individual vessels so I checked out the Celebrity Summit, which is planning to come to Sydney, and I noticed something interesting in the specs:

Celebrity Summit review from Cruise.Com. Note "Crew Nationality" is a spec.

Source: Cruise.Com

Cruise.Com allows you to choose your cruises based on “crew nationality.” Mind you, most of the ships list their crew as “international” which is no help at all. Still, there are vessels like Norwegian Sky with “American” crews:



NCL Sky profile from Cruise.Com

Source: Cruise.Com


And once you get into the “Premium” cruise lines, you can find “British” crew:

Description of Cunard Line's Queen Victoria

Description of Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria


And on “Luxury” cruise lines, there’s even “European” crew:

Silversea review from Cruise.Com

Source: Cruise.Com


And — bonus — apparently you don’t have to tip Europeans.


Oh Oh CanadaHarper's Magazine, February 2017 via

Canada made the Harper’s Index (a monthly compilation of random stats) four times in the magazine’s February issue and that’s…not good.

The numbers that piqued the magazine’s interest:

Portion of the Canadian military that is overweight : 1/2

That is obese : 1/4

Number of Canadian jobs that were abolished when the government launched a more efficient payroll system last year : 700

Of Canadians who then experienced payment delays because of system errors : 80,000

To which I say, sure, maybe our army is a little chubby and works for free but at least it doesn’t take orders from Donald Trump.




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