Charlotte Street: The Renos Continue

I was perusing the Nova Scotia tenders portal this morning, as one does, and noticed the CBRM has called for bids for the next stage of the Charlotte Street re-design.

Before I focused on the actual details I got distracted imagining a sort of municipal version of Trading Spaces where you allow communities to re-design each other’s main streets. I’m sure the results would be as terrible as they were gripping (I’m picturing light poles swathed in leopard print).

But then I shook my head and got back to the matter at hand, which will apparently involve work on the blocks from Pitt to Prince and Prince to Wentworth.

Blueprint of work to be done on Charlotte Street in Sydney between Pitt and Prince Streets.


Blueprint of work to be done on Charlotte Street in Sydney from Prince Street to Wentworth Street.


The “short description” of the tender states that the work to be completed includes but is not limited to:

  1. Removal of existing street features as required;
  2. Installation of new catch basins, storm sewer and manholes;
  3. Installation of water main, valves and require appurtenances;
  4. Installation of sidewalk (including noted finishes), concrete curb, asphalt, base gravels, lane markings and associated appurtenances;
  5. Adjustment to existing valve boxes, catch basin frames and covers and installation of new manhole frames and covers;
  6. Installation of trees, tree grates, planters, site furniture and associated accessories;
  7. Installation of communications, electrical and lighting packages as specified;
  8. Reinstatement of all disturbed surfaces and services; and
  9. All related work and incidentals associated with the above work including traffic control.

The tender specifies that the successful bidder must work with downtown business owners so as to inconvenience them as little as possible and ensure access to their premises.

The deadline for bids is March 30 at 3:00 PM.

Here’s the full document in case you’re thinking of throwing in a bid: