Reader Pans Proposed MLA Pay Raise

With the highest child poverty in the country, the highest unemployment ever, the highest property taxes in the country, infrastructure that is falling apart, our healthcare in a crisis, roads that are unsafe to drive on, cost of living the highest in 30 years, home ownership that is completely out of reach for thousands, homelessness that is on the increase, thousands without a family doctor, please explain to me how an independent panel can justify a pay increase for our MLAs and Premier?

NS Premier Tim Houston

The taxpayers of Nova Scotia, especially Cape Breton Island, can no longer afford our provincial government of the day. If anything, they should be willing to take a cut in pay. If they are truly not there for the money, they should have no objection to taking a pay cut that is more in line with the taxpayers budget. A budget that right now that does not allow for any pay raises for our MLAs and Premier.

If the MLAs and Premier feelĀ  they cannot work for less, get rid of them and put people in that are willing to work for less.

Richard Collis
Bras d’Or


Editor’s Note: Premier Tim Houston has called an “emergency” session of the legislature to block the pay hike.



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