Dear Editor: Time Flies

Editor’s Note: Joe Noseworthy’s high school graduation photo popped up in his social media feed last month as his own daughter was graduating from high school prompting this delightful reflection on New Waterford in the ’80s.


Thirty years this week since this pic was taken! It amazes me, the idea of having time or passing time or killing time. The fragility of time is a reality that we face as we get older. What we see, feel, Joe Noseworthy grad photoexperience shapes the people we become, whether getting an ice cream at Muise’s dairy or hanging on the steps of the Post Office. (Sounds as inane as driving up and down the same small street over and over and still making an effort to wave to the same people with each pass!) The memory impacts and transcends us—the children of New Waterford.

There were no cell phones, but we had only five numbers to dial. No internet, but we had knowledge of who we were. No Facebook, but we had real facetime! I miss the freedom, the friends, the family we’ve lost along the way, but the imprint they’ve left remains always and forever.

How about the Stag ‘n Doe? The Heather? The Strand? The Paramount? Buddy Graham’s, Billy Copeland’s, Woolworths’ lunch counter? Of course I could go on and on, but hey, unless you’ve lived it, it’s like a posting on this thing the kids call Instagram—gone as soon as posted.

But not for us! Not my generation! We of VC Rocks! These are not blips on a screen, gone in an instant. It is who we are and where we’ve come from. Thirty years later, I am so grateful. This pic popped up on the day of my daughter’s graduation—34 years after mine.


Joe Noseworthy
New Waterford