In Praise of Party Poopers

Dear Editor,

You know what’s wrong with Cape Breton Island?

It’s not the seniors, who have been accused of not wanting economic development and jobs here.

It’s not the unions, who have been accused of wanting their unions on every construction development.

It’s not the high residential taxes or high commercial taxes, although it does play a small role.

It’s the politicians we elect.

It’s the die-hard political party supporters that vote for their parties regardless of who they run. If they ran a snake, they would vote for it. (And they have done that a few times.)

It’s all about their political party and what’s good for the party and what they can get out of their party MLA or MP for themselves.

Elections have nothing to do with what’s good for the island and the constituents.

It’s about what is good for their party and nothing else.

Richard Collis
Big Bras d’Or