Letter to the Editor: Keep the CAP

Finally we are seeing common sense being applied in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

Darren Bruckschwaiger, Earlene MacMullin, Cyril MacDonald and Gordon MacDonald are using the God-given common sense that the CBRM taxpayers cannot afford higher taxes whether in the form of raising taxes or lifting the CAP.

Now we wait to see how the mayor and other councilors will vote.


Will they be influenced by members of the Liberal Party of NS or other outside sources? Certain members and MLAs of the Liberal Party of the CBRM are the ones pushing for a new library, failing to use common sense.

Taxpayers are tired and fed up with politicians who support raising property taxes in an area with the highest taxes in the Province of Nova Scotia if not the country .

Depending on how the mayor and certain councilors vote on raising property taxes or lifting the CAP will be the deciding factor in who gets re-elected or not.

Let’s see who is really there for the people. Let’s see who really has the common sense factor.

Richard Collis
Big Bras d’Or


Editor’s Note: I cling to the belief that one may support the plan for a new library and raise questions about the CAP without being either a Liberal or bereft of all common sense.