CBRM Council: Ahem…

Remember my plan to write about council meetings based on the agenda (generally released the day of the meeting) and then update according to what actually happened during the meeting?

Well, I hit a couple of road blocks with it this week.

First, portions of the agenda in which I was particularly interested — like the Port of Sydney update — were completely illegible:

Excerpt CBRM council agenda 2021.11.09


And second, I missed some of the discussion I wanted to hear during last night’s meeting for a variety of technical and not-so-technical reasons.

“No worries,” I told myself, “I will just watch the video in the morning.”

But it’s now noon and the video — which used to be available immediately, when the meetings were conducted at Centre 200 and they were posted to YouTube — has yet to appear on the CBRM website.

Moreover, my question to the Clerk’s Office, sent bright and early this morning, as to when I can expect the video to be posted has yet to be answered.

So I will just have to wait until it appears to finish (and post) my council story.

I apologize for the delay, luckily, thanks to Sean Howard and Paul MacDougall, there is lots of good reading this week to tide you over.

But I have to say, I think the municipality should go back to using YouTube — and find a better method of reproducing documents.


Featured image: CBRM Council Chambers, 2017, by WayeMason CC BY-SA 4.0, from Wikimedia Commons






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