Honors and Hours

Two things.

First, I have been so busy these past two weeks I forgot to tell you that Rob Csernyik’s Casino series, in addition to winning the Excellence in Digital Journalism: Enterprise/Longform Atlantic Journalism gold award won a Digital Publishing gold award for Best News Coverage (Community Publication).


Digital Publishing Award

This was a national competition and — trite but true — just being nominated was exciting but winning? Incredible. Rob gave a great acceptance speech (virtually) and I walked around for a few days feeling like an editor with a capital “E” and then I got caught up in the day-to-day of running the Spectator and FORGOT TO TELL YOU WE WON.

Which actually segues rather nicely into my next topic: my summer schedule (because clearly, I need a break).

I will be publishing bi-weekly throughout July and August. I won’t be publishing Fast & Curious on Fridays (although I suspect I’ll include it in the bi-weekly issues). As always, I reserve the right to pop up and publish whenever it seems necessary.

I will continue to monitor things. (Like this Police Review thingy, which CBRM is releasing at 1:30 PM today, as in, right after my usual publication time. I’m trying not to take it personally.) But I have some pressing, non-journalism matters to attend to (like swimming and sitting in a deck chair doing nothing) so my responses might be a bit delayed.

But that will be okay because, as I’ve learned from past summers, no one follows things as closely in July and August. Everyone needs a vacation — time in the sun, time away from the screens — and so I hope you, too, get some well-deserved down time in the coming months.

And I will catch you in two weeks.

The Editor