Letter to the Editor: Dirty Habits

The only good thing about the snowstorm we recently experienced is that it buried the piles of coffee cups, fast-food containers, etc. that we fire out our car windows as we travel about.

It wouldn’t take much effort to bring them home and place them in our house garbage or bring them back on our next trip out and place them in the garbage cans provided at most fast-food providers.

Litter (used coffee cups)

Spectator photo.

If we can’t change our dirty habits, it’s time the authorities come up with some sort of fast-food tax similar to the bottle- and pop-can tax to push us in the right direction or make us pay the price.

It wouldn’t hurt some of the vendors to hire a truck now and then and hire a crew of workers to clean up some of the mess and show some leadership and get some good PR.


David Morrison
North Sydney