Election 2020: District 9

District 9 (not to be confused with the film of the same name) encompasses much of the former towns of Glace Bay and Reserve Mines.

I am not sure what it is shaped like but I don’t think anyone will argue with me if I say it is shaped weirdly.

District 9 is home to 7,163 electors, 3,479 of whom cast ballots in the 2016 municipal elections. That year, long-serving councilor George MacDonald won with 1,574 votes. He faced four opponents, two of whom — Steven James MacNeil (575 votes) and Clarence Routledge (603 votes) — are running again. MacDonald himself is not re-offering. Kenny Tracey is the third candidate hoping to replace him.


CBRM District 9 Map



Clarence Routledge

Clarence Routledge

Clarence Routledge

Why do you want to be a CBRM councilor?

I want to be District 9 councilor because I believe the area deserves a full-time, experienced councilor. They deserve nothing less. I am the only candidate running in District 9 offering both full-time [service] and experience in municipal government. I am retired and have over 20 years’ experience in municipal government.  I can tackle issues from Day One, not only in my district, but all of CBRM.

What is one issue of concern to you and how do you plan to address it?

I am passionate about equalization payments from the province. We do not receive our fair share. We must continue the fight former Mayor John Morgan championed.

Although it is now 25 years old, the CBRM doesn’t necessarily function as a single entity. Do you have any ideas for bringing our “community of communities” closer together?

We must work as one community but not forget our heritage.

Where is one place in your district you always bring visitors?

I bring visitors to many places in CBRM because of its abundant beauty, its proud history and friendly people.

What is one question you wished I’d asked you?

Another concern is the high cost of senior administration including mayor and council. We must lead by example. We must reduce this expenditure.

No more studies.

Time for action.


Still to come:

Steven James MacNeil

Kenny Tracey


A note on this feature:

I decided to send candidates questions by email because, while speaking to each in person would be preferable, I knew I wouldn’t have time to conduct (and transcribe) 55 phone interviews.


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