Letter to the Editor: Free CB Stories for Teachers

To all Cape Breton Students and Teachers:

I am grateful to have this opportunity to contact you about the book called Great Cape Breton Storytelling.

Great Cape Breton Storytelling has been approved for use in all Strait Area, Cape Breton-Victoria and Mi’kmaw schools. This digital eBook is available at no charge for all Cape Breton teachers and students, to enjoy and to use as a teaching tool or just good reading. You may find it in your school’s online system, but it may be easier to request the eBook directly from me at bretonbooks2020 AT gmail Dot com. I will send it to your in box at no charge.

Great Cape Breton Storytelling has 80 stories from a wide range of Cape Breton cultures—Scottish and French, Polish and Ukrainian and Mi’kmaw, African-Canadian and Jewish, and more. And every story ends with a link to more stories in Cape Breton’s Magazine —again, at absolutely no charge.

Please let me know that this method of sharing Cape Breton’s stories works for you as teachers and as students. If Great Cape Breton Storytelling proves to be a useful and enjoyable tool, I will make more Cape Breton books available as free eBooks to our schools.

Enjoy and share Cape Breton’s wonderful stories, and please stay well.


Ronald Caplan, CM
Breton Books