Reader Appreciates Drake’s Thoughts on Donkin

Steve Drake’s informative piece on March 18th was revealing — an excellent explanation of why the roof-falls are continuing and of what might be the only ‘fix’ possible. It appears that supporting the roof at these depths is best done with the steel arches.

It would be quite something if the person responsible from the Province of Nova Scotia’s inspection division actually specified that this would be required as of today. With 12 roof falls to date and given the perilous nature of working at this depth, does anyone want to gamble that number 13 might be ‘the one’?

Scott Adamson
Ardness, NS



Miner Phelan mine with coal digger, 1 December 19987

Miner underground posing with coal digger, 1 December 1987, photo by Owen Fitzgerald, Beaton Institute, CBU