Letter to the Editor: Where are Nova Scotia’s senators?

Where the hell are our senators during our healthcare, child and senior poverty, unemployment and out-migration crises, to name just a few? Other than Senator Dan Christmas bringing up the hot topic of the separation of Cape Breton Island from the mainland, where are our other senators? Have they forgotten about us as well? We haven’t heard a thing from them as Cape Breton Island goes down the toilet. Are the senators not allowed to get involved? Who do they represent? Can’t be us, as we never hear boo from them.

I call out our appointed senators to do something for us other than telling us what nice people we are, or defending the Liberal and Conservative parties that appointed them to the Senate. I am willing to bet that 90% of Capers do not know — or even care — who our senators are.

We are in a deep recession — if not a depression — right now, and not a word from OUR senators. Forget hearing from them, as they are not experiencing the same recession as us. Neither have our MPs and MLAs for the last 20 years.

If anybody thinks that electing more PCs and Liberals to govern this country or this province is the answer, they are very naive and too damn dedicated to their Tory and Grit parties to be able to see the reality of what’s really happening in their own backyard.

Then again, maybe they don’t care, just like our senators seemingly don’t.

Richard Collis
Big Bras D’or


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Featured image: Canadian Senate Chamber by Mightydrake, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.