About This Week’s Issue…

After a wonderful summer on a bi-weekly publication schedule, I had fully expected to be back to business as usual this week, but the universe had different ideas.

On Sunday I lost one of my oldest and dearest friends — an actual “friend of my youth” — and I found myself at such a loss that returning directly to work just wasn’t an option.

I am going to spend the next few days doing the things you do when you lose someoneĀ  you love, but I will be back next week and I will be back with a heart and a half — my friend, who was a regular reader, would expect nothing less.

In the meantime, please enjoy this week’s excellent contributions from Sean Howard, Rachel Haliburton and Michelle Smith.

You might also read this interesting J-Source article about the CBRM media landscape. It was written by Sydney native Rob Csernyik, with whom I had the pleasure of speaking.

And if you’d like to know something about my friend (who was also my cousin), Catherine Campbell, you will find it here.

Thanking you for your patience, I remain, yours truly,


The Editor