Under the Boardwalk…

I’ve been wondering what’s going on down on the boardwalk and yesterday I finally got off my duff and went down for a closer look. It’s rather startling:


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I emailed CBRM spokesperson Jillian Moore on Tuesday to find out what exactly is being built and she sent this response from the CBRM Department of Engineering and Public Works:

The work taking place is for the recently started construction work at the Port, to complete upgrades to the existing structure and construct the second berth.

Of course!

I’d completely forgotten the work on the second berth includes upgrades to the existing wharf facilities.

I checked out the plans attached to the amended tender for the project and found that the construction appears to be a “land-based mooring.” Here is the relevant map (you can click on the image to enlarge it):


And here’s the detailed plan, which explains that the land-based mooring is more precisely a land-based bollard, more precisely still, the B-section land-based bollard (again, you can click on the image to enlarge it):


As you can probably tell from this story, while I’m far from sold on the benefits of the second berth project, I’m fascinated by construction on this scale. It’s a dilemma, really. But one I feel confident I can deal with.






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