How Would YOU Improve the CBRM?

Do you have an idea that would make the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) a better place?

Is it an idea that does not involve doubling the capital and operating budget, rewriting the Municipal Government Act (MGA) or convincing seven provinces with 50% of the population to amend the Canadian Constitution?

If so, then the Spectator wants to hear it!

CBRM electoral districts map

Source: CBRM website.

CLICK ON THE SUGGESTION BOX BELOW to send us your name, your address (as in, the community in which you reside) and your idea. (If we use it, we’ll also bother you for a headshot and a few lines of biography, so if you’d like to send those along too, please do.)

Space is not a constraint in an online publication, but the attention span of the average reader is, so try to put your idea across as concisely as possible. (If you need help, the editor of the Spectator, who earned the nickname ‘The Hatchet’ in a previous job, will happily oblige — although we promise you final say on any changes.)

If it’s an idea that’s been tried successfully elsewhere, feel free to include links to news articles, websites or videos about it. If it’s been tried unsuccessfully elsewhere, but you think it could still work here, the same applies. (If it’s been tried unsuccessfully elsewhere and you don’t think it would work here either, then you should probably come up with another idea.)

Don’t delay! Send us your ideas TODAY!