The Whalley Trial: Recess

Editor’s Note: John Whalley, the former Economic Development Manager of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) is suing the CBRM for constructive dismissal. The case finally came to trial from 20-24 August 2018 and the Spectator was there. We’re presenting our coverage in a series of articles because the trial touched on so many issues of interest to CBRM residents. This is Part IX (Read Part I,Part II,Part III,Part IV,Part V, Part VIPart VIIPart VIII and Part IX).


I promised a final installment in my Whalley Trial series covering the summations by the lawyers for the plaintiff and defense, plus my own summation, and I will deliver, but it’s taking me more time than I though it would (I got sidetracked in Ben Eoin this week).

So, if it pleases the court, I’d ask that we adjourn until next week, at which point, I will be ready to sum everything up.

Also, I will stop talking as if I’m a lawyer in court, although as you can probably tell, I’m really enjoying it.

Until next week, then…