How the Spectator Will Spend Its Summer

Last summer, I dutifully produced a regular edition of the Spectator every Wednesday throughout July and August which many of you…didn’t read.

Don’t worry! I don’t blame you! It was summer. The eight weeks a year we KNOW we can leave the house without a ski jacket (knock wood). The time to travel yourself or spend time with family and friends who’ve traveled to see you. The time to listen to live music in a park and go camping and eat ice cream and attend street festivals and do the New York Times crossword puzzle on the deck at the bungalow with a gin and tonic to grease the thought processes. The time to ignore (as much as anyone ever can) the news.

What the Spectator hopes to focus on for a few weeks…

Which, by the way, also tends to take a holiday during July and August.

All of which is my long-winded way of saying this summer, the Spectator will become a bi-weekly publication. There will be a full edition every two weeks and a Fast & Curious column during the weeks there’s no full edition. In short, there will be something posted each week, but not as much as last summer, which I’m hoping won’t bother any of you, because frankly, I really need some time to eat ice cream; and think about how to expand my audience; and address some technical problems I’ve been trying to ignore; and work on some longer stories that I can present to you in the fall, when we’re all back at our desks with our new pencil cases, ready to pay attention to things again.

I will publish Fast & Curious as usual, this week, then begin the summer schedule next week by…publishing Fast & Curious.

I’m not going anywhere, I will be keeping an eye on things from the summer office and if anything of import happens, I will feel free to weigh in immediately. But I’m going to ease up for a couple of months and I hope you all do the same.


The Editor




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