Fun with Statistics

This past week I was lucky enough to participate in a Statistics Canada webinar.

(I write that in complete sincerity — Stats Canada invited me to participate in a webinar and I accepted the invitation as happily as if I’d thought there’d be cake. Full disclosure: I thought there’d be cake.)

My webinar or “séance d’apprentissage en ligne,” as we like to call it in French, focused on CANSIM, “Statistics Canada’s key socioeconomic database.” Over the course of an hour, a representative of the Statistical Information Service taught us (I assume there were other people involved, although there was no way to tell) how to unlock the incredible amounts of interesting information stored in the CANSIM database.

It was a beginner webinar, so I still have much to learn, but even with my rudimentary skills, I was able to find some fun, Nova Scotia-centric (if not Cape Breton-centric) information. (Click on the tables to enlarge them.)


Private, first class

For example, would you like to know how many United States travelers arrived in Port Hawkesbury and Sydney by private plane or private boat between March 2016 and March 2017? Voila!


For the birds

How about the percentage of Nova Scotian households that spent money to feed, shelter or watch birds in 2011 and 2013?



How much did Nova Scotians spend on pet care and games of chance from 2011 to 2015? As unlikely as it may seem, I have created a table that purports to show you just that; however, the data on bingo, raffles and gaming machines is woefully lacking:




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