Cape Breton Stories, Yours for the Asking

Click the image to order your free copy.

Having lost several hours last week browsing the online archive of Cape Breton’s Magazine, I was pleased to hear from Ron Caplan, the founder of that publication, about his latest venture.

Caplan’s Breton Books has (with the help of Canada 150) created an eBook called Great Cape Breton Storytelling and, for the month of April, the press is giving it away free to Cape Bretoners (and “anyone else who loves Cape Breton, whether they live on the island or away”). You can get your copy here.

Caplan says the book contains more than 80 stories from the island’s Mi’kmaq, Acadian and Scottish traditions:

There are examples of our diversity with several immigrant tales. And as a bonus, nearly every story links to more stories online in Cape Breton’s Magazine, also at no charge.

Caplan hopes everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to order a free copy of Great Cape Breton Storytelling, and tell their friends and relatives to do the same:

It is a way we can all help keep the great Cape Breton tradition of storytelling alive




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