Buddy, Can You Spare Some Positive Change?

Newly re-elected CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke has promised “100 More Positive Changes for CBRM” and I, for one, am willing to trust that he will deliver — trust, but verify.

I’m a little concerned that his immediate, post-election description of his plans included no reference to these positive changes. He told the Cape Breton Post that by the time his term is over he hopes:

…people feel we have a very stable operating environment, our reserve funds are where they need to be, the debt management plan is still intact and services and infrastructure go up.

But…what about the environmentally friendly crosswalk paint? And the creative economy growth plan? And the ARTirondack chairs project? And the City Charter? And the summit to address poverty? And the Public Information Officer? (I had a thought on that one: if you’re going to re-appoint a communications advisor, make her your public information officer and set her to work responding to freedom of information/protection of privacy requests. Good idea, right?)

Presuming he still intends to follow through on them, then 100 changes over four years means 25 changes per year or approximately one every 15 days.

I don’t want to hassle the Mayor every 15 days, so instead, I’ll email his office on the 15th of each month and ask what changes he’s checked off his list. I’ll add each actual, documented change to the jar and, in theory, by October 2020, it will runneth over.

the positive change jar

The Positive Change Jar


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