Listening to Lumière

The best reaction I remember to the first-ever Lumière Arts Festival—held in Sydney, N.S. in 2010—was from a friend who exclaimed joyously, “I haven’t seen this many people on Charlotte Street at night since the police strike of ’74!”*

Not to imply the arts festival is lawless, just that the energy and excitement it generates is decidedly unusual in the Sydney of this millennium.

The sixth annual iteration of Lumière is scheduled for September 22nd-24th, 2016. So much do I appreciate this event that I will even say that it is happening in Sydney’s “Waterfront District,” although I do so under duress.

Maybe you have your own pre-Lumière rituals: maybe you do a dry run in daylight to be sure you see each and every artist in the guide; maybe you track the weather to plan the perfect Lumière wardrobe; or maybe you plot a course that both begins and ends at local drinking establishments (not that I would know anything about that).

Whatever your standard pre-festival rituals, consider adding a new one: Listening to Lumière.

Monika Dutt, a Lumière board member, has been doing and posting interviews with some of this year’s Lumière artists. The beauty of the format is that you can listen while doing a dry run of the route or planning your wardrobe. Give it a spin:

(Note: I’ve been having trouble viewing these links in Firefox. If you also have that problem, try this link.)




*I may have got that date wrong. Feel free to correct me.

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