No Word on Brier Bid

It struck me that we should have heard something by now about CBRM’s bid for Curling Canada’s 2023 Tim Hortons Brier — bids were due by September 30 and according, to Curling Canada’s own website, the public announcement for the Brier “will be made no later than 16 months prior to the start of the event.”

Since the 2023 Brier is scheduled for March 3-12 of that year, the announcement should have been made in November 2021.

Kelowna BC, for instance, was initially chosen to host the 2021 Brier and that was announced in November 2019.

Kingston, ON was chosen to host the 2020 Brier, and that was announced in November 2018.

COVID threw a wrench into things, of course — a month after awarding it to Kelowna, Curling Canada announced the Brier, along with three other major curling events, would move to Calgary, where they would be played without fans. Curling Canada said Kelowna and other host cities had “graciously agreed to host Curling Canada championships in the future,” although when in the future wasn’t specified.

In January 2021, the 2022 Brier was awarded to Lethbridge, AB.

So I guess a January 2022 announcement for 2023 has a precedent.



I asked Curling Canada when an announcement was expected and Al Cameron, director of communications and media relations, told me in an email:

We have not set a date for that announcement yet. We’re hoping for some time in January, but still TBC [to be confirmed].

I asked why the delay and Cameron said:

Olympic seasons always mess with timelines. We’re running three more qualifying events between September and January than we do in non-Olympic years, so essentially we’ve been incredibly busy with a barebones staff. Once the mixed doubles Trials conclude in early January, we’ll be able to take a breath and make some announcements.

Out of curiosity, I checked out how the 2018 Olympics had messed with Curling Canada’s timelines and I discovered they hadn’t — Olympic trials took place between September 2017 and January 2018 and the announcement that Brandon, Manitoba would host the 2019 Brier was made in October 2017. Right on schedule.

It is very possible Curling Canada is still trying to hammer out a deal with a host city. According to its website:

If we have not received a bid…that is deemed acceptable to host the said championship or are unable to negotiate the appropriate contracts with one of the bid sites considered to be acceptable we will then solicit interest from a site that we deem would be an appropriate host for the event.

Which kind of makes a mockery of the bidding process, but what are you going to do?