Special Offer: Halifax Examiner + Cape Breton Spectator for $15!

I’m pleased to announce a new joint-venture between The Cape Breton Spectator and Tim Bousquet’s Halifax Examiner.

As of July 1, you will be able to subscribe to both The Examiner and The Cape Breton Spectator for $15 a month — a $5 savings off the regular price. (And yes, you may upgrade your regular $10 Spectator-only subscription for the deluxe two-paper model — email me and I will make it so.)

We’re working out the details for regular annual subscribers, and I’ll let you know as soon as we have a system. (In the meantime, The Spectator has lowered its regular annual rate to $100 — existing subscribers will get the new rate when they re-up.)

The joint subscription will not apply to senior/student/low-income rates.



If you’re not familiar with the Examiner, you’re in for a treat — paid membership means access to the work of writers like Stephen Kimber, Erica Butler, Linda Pannozzo, Jennifer Henderson and Katie Toth. Not to mention Tim’s own investigative pieces, like “Dead Wrong,” which won him an Atlantic Journalism Award this year.

Independent journalism has never been so necessary in Nova Scotia, now that Chronicle Herald owners Sarah Dennis and Mark Lever have bought most of the print newspapers in the province (including The Cape Breton Post). This cooperation between the Examiner and the Spectator represents the first step towards some kind of counterbalance. And who knows? Perhaps it will inspire others to join us.

It will also result in increased content, because the publication receiving the subscription will keep $10 but put the other $5 into a fund from which we’ll finance freelance pieces of interest to all our readers.

You can hear us discuss it in detail on the latest Examineradio podcast.

I’m so excited, I may subscribe myself…