Distaff Side with Dolores

Dolores Campbell

Dolores Campbell

“Here they are George. This is just the kind I was telling you about. Aren’t they great?”

“Look, Mary. I don’t know the first thing about campers. I’ve never even seen one this close before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve really seen one before at all. Why in the world do you think we should buy one of these contraptions at our age? We’re too old for camping.”

“Oh George, of course we’re not too old. Everybody is camping these days. Why shouldn’t we? Come on, let’s ask this young man to show us how to set the camper up.”

“They’re really the simplest thing in the world to set up. Now watch closely and if you have any questions, fire away. You receive two mattresses free with this particular camper, and there’s plenty of storage space, as you can see. There now, just a few more adjustments and she’s all set for the great outdoors.”

“Well, I don’t know Mary. I still think we’re too old for this stuff. And I don’t think I know enough about this contraption. I’ll probably get it home in the backyard and I won’t be able to tell one end from the other.”

“You don’t have to be a camping expert to buy one of these things, George. You learn as you go along and I wish you’d stop calling it a contraption. Now tell the young man we’ll take it.”

“Alright, alright, we’ll take it young man. Just wrap it up and I’ll give you your money.”

“Well sir, we don’t wrap them up. You simply drive your car around the side of the building and we have some campers there. Well just hitch one up to your car.”

“Car! You mean we have to have a car? We came here on a bus. We don’t even own a car. I knew there was a catch to all this camping business. Come on Mary, let’s get out of here. Mary! Mary! Now what did she go running off for?”


This article first appeared in the 23 July 1969 edition of The Cape Breton Highlander.